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We are not a provider of any financial product but only an independent comparator and source of information. If you have questions about a specific product, please contact its provider directly, who is always listed. However, if you have a question about our platform, you found a mistake or discrepancy, please feel free to contact us at info@coolfinance.com.ng.

The LemonyApps.com brand is operated by Double technology s.r.o. We are running the unique brand in every market.

What is LemonyApps about?

In recent years, a bunch of financial services and products have appeared around the world; loans, consolidations, insurance services or credit cards. The market has expanded and traditional providers have had to regulate their conditions due to increasing competition.

But there was another problem - how to choose between so many options? And this is the reason why LemonyApps technology company is here. We are coming with a clear and transparent comparison of available financial products in many world markets.

From Czechia and around the world

In 2010 we started in the Czech Republic and gradually expanded to Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Argentina, Sweden, Norway, Indonesia and more than 25 other countries around the world.

Our mission is to provide a user-friendly and secure environment for applying a financial service or product to solve user's problem or situation.

We compare only verified and 100% trusted companies and products that our analysts have carefully researched on each site. In addition to product and company information we are also publishing user reviews, frequently asked questions and representative examples. So you will always be able to realistically compare how much the service will cost you and avoid misunderstandings or meaningless charges.

Why use our services?

In all countries, we work with experienced professionals and partners to deliver high quality services across all of our sites.

●   Independence – We do not work for any provider. We independently compare all available products and services that we have evaluated as trustworthy and transparent.

●   100% free – Using our comparator won't cost you anything. We do not provide any financial products ourselves.

●   Transparency – We review and compare all products to guarantee that the user would know exactly how much and for what they would pay. We avoid general and vague formulations and misleading calculations.

●      Non-binding – The use of our comparator is completely non-binding and you do not provide us with any personal information.

How our comparators work?

We only work on a partnership basis with trusted and reputable companies. In addition, all our services are available completely free of charge, without any registration, etc.

You woud simply display the overview of all available products or you can choose the desired category. Then you will get the overview of all available offers with basic information that you can expand if interested. No hidden fees; if you apply for any financial product through our comparator, you will always pay the same amount as if you were applying directly from the provider's homepage. Project is funded from advertising (Google AdSense) and from the broker's commission (Ad Networks.)

Frequently asked questions

How I can get the loan or the other financial product?

Conditions vary from case to case. The general procedure is always described in our review and from there you can directly click on the application. The click-through from our site is completely non-binding. Our service is totally free and you always pay the same price as when you get the offer straight from the company.

Why should I compare financial products at all?

The supply of loans and other products is so extensive in these days that it would take you a few days for you to make such a comparison by yourself. You would have to read and search for dozens of websites. We organize all important information in an intuitive web environment and save your time and money.

How is it possible that some loans are free?

In recent years, the trend of the first free loan has grown with many non-bank providers. And indeed - you will not pay any fee for your first loan from the company. However, most of these are loans with lower amounts and short maturities. But you always should be beware of maturity and terms, always pay in time and choose the product you can afford.

Who can apply for a loan?

The only general rule is to be of age. By the age of 18, everyone can apply for most of the available loans. However, the terms of each offer could be different. So you must always view the requirements of one particular product.

Do you have a question or comment? write us info@coolfinance.com.ng